School’s Out: Tips on transitioning from the school year to summer fun

20th Jun 2016

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All around the country, the final school bell for the year is ringing and kids are sprinting out the door to enjoy the best time of the year. No school, no homework, and ample time to do whatever they like; the summer time is easily your kid’s most beloved time of the year. But, the transition from school to being home for the majority of the time can be rocky for both you and the kids. From losing a good portion of everything they learned throughout the year to being absolutely bored out of their minds, the transition from school to summer time can be difficult on everyone but it doesn’t have to be.

Tip 1.
Get in the habit of scheduling

Packing the kid’s lunch, hustling through your morning routine and moving throughout your day is a school year routine that you quickly get used to. Once school is over, your routine just goes haywire and you will find yourself trying to get your bearings again. Before the school year ends, start to train yourself to get into your new routine. What time will the kids get up? Are they going to day camp, overnight camp, or doing a sport? If you aren’t a stay at home parent, who will care for the little ones during the day while you are working? Don’t wait until June to figure those details out. It will make your transition super easy.

Tip 2.
Find stuff to do

If your kids have a varied schedule where they spend some days out of the week at home, plan out your days so that they have stuff to do. Nothing is worst than your kids putzing around the house complaining about how bored they are. Set up play dates, day trips, family fun or anything that will keep your kids entertained. This is especially important for your kids that are older and are used to the daily routine. Consider putting your kids into a summer sport or activity that they can look forward to. If your kids are older, a summer job is a great way for them to earn money and keep themselves occupied.

Tip 3.
Stock the house with snacks

This seems like something that might be obvious but it is certainly a life saver. When your kids are at school all day, they have the snacks and lunch and breakfast they need within reasonable portions. Once school is out and your kids are home most of the time, they will snack throughout the entire day. Stock up on the snacks that your kids love including snacks that travel well.

Tip 4.
Help your kids maintain their school friendships

Kids make a majority of their friends at school, where they spend most of their time. After the school year ends, they don’t get to see or chat with their friends nearly as much. Help your kids maintain their friendships by setting up play dates, facilitating outings and sleepovers. Your kids will absolutely appreciate it and it will make the summer mode transition easier.

Tip 5.
Encourage your kid’s education retention

Yes, the summer is meant for relaxing and enjoying limitless free time. However, encouraging your kids to continue learning throughout the summer and assisting them in retaining the information they’ve already learned throughout the year will help them out immensely when the school year rolls back around. Summer time education doesn’t have to be stressful or a party killer. Purchase some workbooks, reading books, and flash cards and spend an hour or so out of your day sitting down with your kids going over the material.

Summer vacation is the time to let loose and have fun with your family. Use these tips to make the transition simple, fun, and easy!

By Latifah Miles, MINI+ME contributor